Creative Commercial: Commercial content for our Customers


Over the next few years, the attention that companies will give to web-based video and content marketing in general will only increase more. Forecast is that in 2018 more than 70% of online messages will be in video form. Examples are; short videos to promote a new product or service, social media videos, as well as short content to inform the customer of any changes in business or product specifications, for example. Documentaries and animations are also a beloved and effective form to convey information. But our specialization, short film, is an increasingly important means to reach your audience.

Because we work with a network of freelance film-and video makers and we do not believe in a headquarters with golden door knobs, our overhead costs are low, so we can offer you very competitive rates. We are artistic, cost-conscious and sustainable for ourselves and therefore also for you.

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TV-Commercial Villa Pinedo