IFAN COMPANY co-produced the short film ‘Moffenmeid’ about a Dutch girl that was taken by an angry crowd after world war II to cut her hair and publicly shame her for having a relationship with a German soldier. An intense story written, produced and directed by Raymon Hilkman! A wonderful crew, amazing cast and many, many very sweet sponsors and volunteers made this film a reality. At IFAN COMPANY we work very hard to earn money to make so we can continue to make short films like these with a mix of experienced filmmakers and young talent alike.

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MOFFENMEID (Kraut Whore): IFAN’s first production in 2019!

IFAN is proud to announce a co-production with Boomerang Productions by director Raymon Hilkman. We know Raymon from the set of our short comedy SCREWED that we produced last year. After this very pleasant collaboration Raymon came to us and asked us if we would be willing to co-produce his graduation film at the HKU. After reading the script, it was more than clear to us that we wanted to commit ourselves to it. This special, personal and poignant story takes place just after the liberation of Holland, in the aftermath of the Second World War. With MOFFENMEID a piece of underexposed Dutch history is shown that for al long time has been forgotten.

We will keep you posted via Moffenmeid

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Collaboration with online marketing firm Whello

IFAN Company is not just to a network organization for filmmakers, but also a production company for artistic and commercial film and video. Making connections is at the base of our convictions and that is why we like to work together with different partners to grand as much benefit as possible from their film or video.

That is why we look forward to working with marketing agency Whello!

Whello ensures that the videos of our customers are seen and admired by as many relevant audiences as possible. They ensure that the video is seen by the right target group at the right time via online video marketing.


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Shooting in New York City

Shooting lean and mean in the big apple for our client SQOONY. It was a very cold day and we had a very brave actor defying the cold temperatures like a pro.

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For Radio Dabanga Sudan, the largest free radio station in Sudan, we shot a satirical commercial. The radio station is managed and facilitated by Free Press Unlimited. Radio Dabanga gives the people in Darfur daily information that answers crucial questions such as: where is the fighting, where can I go, and where is my family? Radio Dabanga has been the only reliable source of news and a source of hope for and about Darfur and Sudan for years. We hope that this commercial contributes to extra awareness and extra funds for the makers of this radio station.



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Filming in New York!

It’s official… IFAN COMPANY’s first shoot in the big apple! For Sqoony, a company specialised in getting your (video) content where and when it matters most, we are creating this online commercial. So NY here we come!!!

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At the end of the old year and at the beginning of the new year, it is always a good time to look back ánd look ahead.

The idea behind IFAN is that we want to make both beautiful artistic and beautiful commercial productions with our network of film-and video makers  in order to make a positive contribution to makers, customers and the world. And that goal came one step closer in 2017. In 2017 we have shifted the emphasis somewhat from our artistic productions to our commercial productions. This because we want to be able to finance our own artistic productions from the revenues of the commercial branch. We have been able to make beautiful TV commercials, videos and web series for many customers over the past year, which we have been delighted to do.

But what we are particularly pleased with is that we are able to welcome more and more customers who make a positive contribution to this world. It gives an extra boost to work for these customers because you all feel that you are part of something bigger. We were very happy that we were once again allowed to make the TV commercial for Stichting Villa Pinedo this year. This foundation, which stands up for children of divorced parents, is a wonderful goal to work for. The way this production came about has given us a lot of extra appreciation, attention and positive energy. We also managed to give a number of Syrians a crew position on set through our director Dennis Overeem. Joining forces is the credo. The TV commercial is now being broadcast on almost all TV channels and has contributed enormously to the name recognition and the growth of members at Villa Pinedo.

Other special productions that we have produced last year were for Evidentia Publishing. This company uses their large network of renowned doctors and experts to do their best to eradicate ‘child sex trafficing’ from this world. Alliance of Nature, dedicated to the preservation of all living beings in our world, starting with the rhinoceros. And pet food chain Pets Place, where we created video’s for their customers where we answered some very pressing ‘pets’ questions. And of course it is always nice to create video content on behalf of KLM. IFAN produces web series ‘cockpittales’ where people can take a look behind the scenes of a KLM flight in the cockpit.

For 2018 we want to maintain and expand the course we have taken in 2017 for the commercial branch, but we also want to give extra attention to the network and our artistic productions. Marijn Liek is the driving force behind a couple of our new artistic ‘Greyhouse productions’. We currently have 3 of them in development. The flagship of these short films is the short film ‘Opera on the Wadden’ that we make in collaboration with a few big names in the field; director Elmer de Haas (commercial director C&A, TV commercials), Lars Boom (scriptwriter ‘Michiel de Ruyter’ and ‘Tuintje in mijn Hart’) and composer Eric van Tijn (‘The passion’ and so much more that it will not fit here ). There is currently a request at NTR-short for this film, so thumbs but we will be chosen for that.


Then lastly we want to give a big thank-you go to our relations, customers and filmmakers of 2017 and whom we hope to see much more of in 2018. Thank you all!

We enjoyed being on set with you!

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Last KLM Fokker flight

For KLM, we produced a new film in the KLM cockpittales series about the latest commercial flight of a KLM-Fokker. The KLM has had more than 97 years of Fokker aircrafts in its fleet and cooperation between the two Dutch companies has been a very successful one. This last flight was a homage to this cooperation and to this beautiful plane and we were glad we could capture this flight on film.

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IFAN 20.17

IFAN was founded 6 years ago by founders Oscar Paling and Jurriaan Strous. It was their desire to create a filmmakers network in which film-and video makers, from any discipline, of any background, of any age and of any professional level could join together to make beautiful, artistic and valuable short films and videos. The early years were marked mainly by producing a lot of content with an ever growing group of people. Learning and a having fun were the main focus. But as the network continued to grow from 10 to 50, from 100 to 500 and then to more than 1250 people, the urge to deal with matters more seriously became bigger. Two years ago, IFAN decided to launch a third branch in addition to the NETWORK and the artistic branch called GREYHOUSE. This branch was aimed at developing commercial activities. This CREATIVE COMMERCIAL branch had to be a place where network creators could now also get paid jobs, but it also had to be an indispensable source of income to finance the artistic short films of GREYHOUSE, which allowed even more young creators a chance to gain experience on a movie set. Meanwhile, we can proudly say, that we have been able to make beautiful tv-and video productions for many customers like KLM, AMC, VILLA PINEDO and UMC.

The time has come for IFAN to face the future and that includes a new website. Under the supervision of the advertising and design agency LEFHEBBERS and website builder CRE8CONTENT we present the new IFAN website. We hope to be able to produce many more beautiful, artistic and commercial film-and video productions for inspirational clients with the many creators in our network.

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