IFAN 20.17

IFAN was founded 6 years ago by founders Oscar Paling and Jurriaan Strous. It was their desire to create a filmmakers network in which film-and video makers, from any discipline, of any background, of any age and of any professional level could join together to make beautiful, artistic and valuable short films and videos. The early years were marked mainly by producing a lot of content with an ever growing group of people. Learning and a having fun were the main focus. But as the network continued to grow from 10 to 50, from 100 to 500 and then to more than 1250 people, the urge to deal with matters more seriously became bigger. Two years ago, IFAN decided to launch a third branch in addition to the NETWORK and the artistic branch called GREYHOUSE. This branch was aimed at developing commercial activities. This CREATIVE COMMERCIAL branch had to be a place where network creators could now also get paid jobs, but it also had to be an indispensable source of income to finance the artistic short films of GREYHOUSE, which allowed even more young creators a chance to gain experience on a movie set. Meanwhile, we can proudly say, that we have been able to make beautiful tv-and video productions for many customers like KLM, AMC, VILLA PINEDO and UMC.

The time has come for IFAN to face the future and that includes a new website. Under the supervision of the advertising and design agency LEFHEBBERS and website builder CRE8CONTENT we present the new IFAN website. We hope to be able to produce many more beautiful, artistic and commercial film-and video productions for inspirational clients with the many creators in our network.

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