For Radio Dabanga Sudan, the largest free radio station in Sudan, we shot a satirical commercial. The radio station is managed and facilitated by Free Press Unlimited. Radio Dabanga gives the people in Darfur daily information that answers crucial questions such as: where is the fighting, where can I go, and where is my family? Radio Dabanga has been the only reliable source of news and a source of hope for and about Darfur and Sudan for years. We hope that this commercial contributes to extra awareness and extra funds for the makers of this radio station.



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Filming in New York!

It’s official… IFAN COMPANY’s first shoot in the big apple! For Sqoony, a company specialised in getting your (video) content where and when it matters most, we are creating this online commercial. So NY here we come!!!

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Last KLM Fokker flight

For KLM, we produced a new film in the KLM cockpittales series about the latest commercial flight of a KLM-Fokker. The KLM has had more than 97 years of Fokker aircrafts in its fleet and cooperation between the two Dutch companies has been a very successful one. This last flight was a homage to this cooperation and to this beautiful plane and we were glad we could capture this flight on film.

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