The Independent Film Artists Network

An unusual production company for video and short film.

Everything starts with a ‘reason why’. IFAN stands for Independent Film Artists Network and was born of the need to create a network of passionate film and video- creators to jointly achieve beautiful film and video productions. In this network of over 1250 people, both upcoming and experienced makers, all disciplines within the film and video industry are represented.

With the creators in our network, we produce both artistic short films and commercial content, such as web series, social media content, documentaries and TV commercials. We do this for customers such as KLM, Kennedy van der Laan Law Firm, AMC and Villa Pinedo.

Due to our history of making no-and low-budget short films, we have a different view on making money. We make Profit for Purpose; IFAN reinvests in its own foundation – Greyhouse – which aims to retain the art of short film. Greyhouse aims to make these short films in-house with additional contributions from partners and sponsors. At the same time, foundation Greyhouse functions as a breeding pond for new talent. This tripod business structure of Network, Creative Commercial and Greyhouse, ensures mutual cohesion and growth in-and outside the network, which also benefits our customers.

A selection of our productions can be found on the portfolio page.

And maybe nice to know; all the pictures on our website are stills from our short movies and commercials.